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Costambar is a beach community located in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.
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 Report of JdeV meeting on 09/23/10

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Report of JdeV meeting on 09/23/10 Empty
PostSubject: Report of JdeV meeting on 09/23/10   Report of JdeV meeting on 09/23/10 Icon_minitimeSun Oct 03, 2010 8:57 am

Please find below the contents of an email that I received from Raf regarding a recent JdeV meeting (09/23/10).
Below, the latest report from APC President Aggarwal:

On 9-23-10, there was a JdeV meeting with some government officials, at the home of resident Freddy Vasquez; it was not clear who called the meeting. In attendance were the President of PP's City Council, the DA, a Councilwoman and a former Dominican House of Representatives, as well as some employees of Medio Ambiente (EPA) and Public Health.
Gonzalo Bustos and Agustin (last name?) spoke on behalf of the illegal JdeV. Costambar was represented by President Aggarwal and Liana Swerdlin. Ana Evangelista (of Sole Mio) spoke on behalf of herself and the foreign resident of Costambar in general.

I came to find out about this meeting just a few hours beforehand and am glad to have attended (even though I was not aware of the agenda), for it thus afforded APC an opportunity to address the government officials in attendance. As usual, Mr. Bustos and his cohorts told the officials about all the problems that exist in Costambar and asked City Hall to take over Costambar and provide services.

I gave an overview of APC, the services it provides plus a breakdown of their cost. Both, Liana and myself, underscored that problems that exist are in effect, due to the fact those complaining do not pay their APC dues and are living off the generosity of those who do pay and that were they to do so, the quality and quantity of the services provided could be enhanced.

The president of City Council acknowledged the role of APC in providing services in Costambar and underscored the existing contract between Costambar and City Council. He pointed out it had been the residents and property owners of Costambar who had expressed their desire to manage their affairs and that therefore, City Hall could not violate the contract between itself and Costambar.

The meeting concluded with the decision to form a "commission" consisting of government representatives (City Hall, Public Health and Medio Ambiente), APC and the some representatives of the illegal JdeV. The purpose of such "commission" is to find ways, means and areas, in which City Hall can help Costambar resolve some of its problems. Dr. Alfonso Crisostomo (the former House of Representatives member) will coordinate the meetings of this commission, which were set for Oct. 8th. and December 11th., 2010.

We see these as an opportunity to move government authorities towards the recognition that if they want to help Costambar, they can start by formulating and executing a plan to improve the Costambar beach infrastructure, its maintenance and cleaning, a plan to re-pave and maintain its streets, establish a pest control program that includes spraying green areas, abandoned structures (swimming pools and hotels) in order to control the mosquito population and be more proactive in getting rid of dilapidated abandoned structures. Additionally, we intend to insist that collective security, maintenance and cleaning of common areas, garbage pick-up + disposal and street lighting, shall remain the responsibility of APC, for which individual and business owners pay monthly maintenance dues and that City Hall should recognize through a proclamation that all property owners in Costambar are bound to pay their dues.

In addition to the October 8th. meeting, we intend to take an APC delegationn to the October 13th. City Council meeting, in order to present our side of the story.

Should anyone have other ideas as to the strategy we should pursue, please do not hesitate to send them to APC as soon as possible.

Regards from

Yash Aggarwal
President, APC Board
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Report of JdeV meeting on 09/23/10
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