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Costambar is a beach community located in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.
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 Restaurants & Other Retail Establishments Paying APC Dues

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PostSubject: glad to see a list   Sat Jan 22, 2011 4:14 pm

I for 1 will not spend my money any more at any of these places anymore
just smile and walk by
If all of us that do pay boycott these places coastanbar will be better for it when they close or pay
Not to mention names but thet wont be gettin no more of my cash
lots of excuses why they dont pay
the rest of pay cause we like it here
If you dont want to be part of us then leave us
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PostSubject: Re: Restaurants & Other Retail Establishments Paying APC Dues   Mon Jan 17, 2011 5:26 pm

Ok first a little bit of history about why we dont pay

Going back to when we first opened the Anchor we were very keen to pay our APC fees, I posted on here a few times about it we went to the office on more than one occasion then we waited and we waited no bill nothing, the president of APC came to see us and told us it was our landlords responsibility to pay not ours but we still wanted to pay, we asked for the cafe to be done in its own right..
Next the road committee decided to fix the road outside the Anchor, They were told off for doing it as we dont pay APC fees.

At last we got it through that we wanted to pay and a bill came to us fine just what we wanted, Mike went to pay and at the same time asked for a pass to use the green gate he was told no, he was not a resident of Costambar so he could not have a pass, he could pay APC but not have a pass how can that be right? ok academic now as the green gate is closed, but Mike came back without paying and said he would pay when he could have a pass.....

Next and if somebody decides to investigate this or at least come to see us about it there is a good chance we will start to pay again, if not I can tell you there is no chance at all.
I was at home on my own it was a wednesday night and Ken was at darts, A drunken mad man turned up at my door and told me he was going to shoot me if I could not control my dog, the dog in question was a street dog but liked it at the cafe and used to follow me home,
I got the dog into the house after the man left, he came back 20 mins later and fired his gun just to prove to me he had one.. other people heard the gunshot, I did not call security or anybody else at this point as I was in the house and safe, I can tell you though I have never been as scared in my life, if I had called a guard out or anybody else there is a good chance they could have been shot.
I did try to report it to the head of security at the time but kept gettin his answer phone, I did leave messages as did another person on my behalf, and I am still waiting for somebody to come to see me, the night after I had poison thrown over my garden wall, one of my dogs ate it but as we were home she was saved I also reported this, I posted it here on the 13th of may 2010 how long do I have to wait ?
We are told that security is a big part of APC when a man is out and about with a gun that should be looked in too.
What was the dogs crime he chased one of this mans chickens, if you read the APC rules you are not allowed to keep chickens in Costambar
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PostSubject: Only 17?   Tue Jan 11, 2011 1:08 am

We counted the number of bars & restaurants only in Costambar ......... the total was 24/26.

That doesn't include supermarcados, farmacias, massage centres etc.

How about a full list please?

I know we're a couple of months behind, but it's been quiet & the christmas bonus is a b*tch ....
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PostSubject: Restaurants & Other Retail Establishments Paying APC Dues   Mon Jan 10, 2011 3:13 pm

The APC has recently prepared a report of commercial establishments and their membership status within the APC.
The following two lists reflect the status of restaurants and other retail establishments per the APC report:

Solo Mio
Supermercado Jenny's
Villa Jazmin
Central de Taxis
Oficina Rofiasi
Roberto's Bar
Centro de Masajes Lucy
Agencia de Cambio Salvia
Panaderia R & B

Supermercado Almirante
Las Rocas
The Anchor
Calipso Restaurant
Bieker's Bar
Cafeteria La Dinamca
Harley Rock

Please note that the above lists do not reflect hotels, apartment houses or condominiums. Their status is available at the APC office.
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PostSubject: Re: Restaurants & Other Retail Establishments Paying APC Dues   

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Restaurants & Other Retail Establishments Paying APC Dues
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