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Costambar is a beach community located in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.
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 Costambar 2011 olympic games

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PostSubject: Costambar 2011 olympic games   Tue Jan 18, 2011 3:44 am

Ok still awake lots of noise still from the golf club every dog for half a mile going mad, not mine as I am with them lol

thought this a good time to tell you about the Costambar 2011 olympic games
Its a charity event in aid of Blancos Kids.
First let me expline a little about what Blanco does..........

He takes in mostley Hiatian abandoned Children, but he goes much further than that the things he gets he also goes in to the Bateys, if you think the Barrios are bad try visiting a Batey, I have and its heart breaking, he takes food, clothing, meds and anything else he has to give to them food when he can.
The money we raise for Blanco and the Kids is not given to him but used for lots of things, we try to make sure all the kids are first fed but it also go to schooling the children, getting papers for the children is very expensive but little by little its happening.

Ok now on to the olymipcs
8 races 25rd$ to enter medals for bronze silver and gold
its 100rd$ to watch but you do get a seat..... it has been said you cant make us pay on the beach and your quite right but its for charity so its up to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
there will be a raffle with some fantastic prizes, 50rd$ a ticket or 200rd$ for a book of 5

there is a horse ride, freestyle catamaran, mega truck,day pass for the RIU plus lots more
i hope you can all join us in raising funds for these children, see you there
Sue xx
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Costambar 2011 olympic games
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