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 Email from Yash

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PostSubject: Email from Yash   Email from Yash Icon_minitimeMon Feb 28, 2011 12:07 pm

Below is an email sent by Yash to selected recipients:

Fellow Property Owners:

It has come to my attention that there are rumors floating around concerning APC's contract with City Hall and other matters.

Here are some facts concerning this and other issues. Also, I suggest that you call the APC office to find out the truth and not be part of the rumor mill.

APC Contract with Ayuntamiento:

Bethania and Junior have been busy sending out invoices to those who owe back dues to APC. Several non-payers have stepped forward and APC has come to a mutually acceptable agreement with them. Beginning next week the Ayuntamiento will send out legal notices to those who have not paid their dues. This will be a graduated process that will be enforced with one batch at a time. Those who still fail to settle their accounts will have to bear the consequences and all legal fees. If you have received a notice from APC please settle your account and avoid late fees (10%) and interest (@2% per month).

Edenorte and 24 hour power:

Edenorte is working hard checking connections and changing lines. The project is on schedule and will take several months before it is complete. Their legal department is preparing a contract for me to sign on behalf of APC. Will let you know the details when we receive it. There are some ex-APC Board members going around taking credit for what Edenorte is doing. No truth to such claims.

Main Gate:

In case you have not noticed the main gate has a fresh new look. The repairs, painting, landscaping, flags, and new bill boards were all done by APC thanks to those who pay their dues. New measures related to acceptable noise levels (car radios, motor cycles, vehicles) are in force. A noise measuring device is being used to measure the decibels and deny entry to those vehicles that exceed national Dominican standards. If there is excessive noise in your area because of unwarranted barking by your neighbor's dogs or your neighbor's generator, please report it to the APC office. The Medio Ambient of the Ayuntamiento will be called to take action.

Costambar Beach:

An analysis of the ocean waters off Costambar shows that the fecal material in the measured sample exceeded the acceptable limits. The analysis along with a letter drawing attention to this and other problems on the Beach was delivered personally by myself to the assistant minister of tourism for the north region in Puerto Plata. The ball is in his court and we will wait for him to take action before proceeding further. Also, only two days ago I informed the federal representative of Medio Ambiente (environmental control), Carlos Fincke, denouncing the building of an unauthorized septic tank on the Beach. Next Monday (tomorrow) Medio Ambient is supposed to action against this illegal serious development.

Vallarino and Golf Course:

Several APC board members met with representatives of Mr. Vallarino on three occasions to arrive at an agreement for Vallarino's enterprise to pay his fair share of APC costs of providing services to Costambar. The representatives agreed that what we were proposing was more than fair and that they would work to get Vallarino on Board. Unfortunately, their efforts were to no avail. They failed to the extent that when he was here last week he even avoided meeting with the APC Board except for a private meeting with Sandro.

APC had no choice but to send him a bill for past dues that amount to approximately 2.8 million pesos for the past 3 years including late fees and interest.

APC Office - Notice to Vacate:

APC received a notice from the lawyers of Nueva Delhi Inversiones, S.A. on behalf of Sartaj Gill (wife of Mark Gill) to vacate the office occupied by APC Maintenance on the allegation that APC owes this corporation back rent. APC has responded to this legal demand. Our position is rather clear. APC does not owe any rent to this corporation. In fact this corporation owes APC more than three hundred thousand pesos for back dues. APC is willing and able to move on a relatively short notice if the said corporation pays at least a half of what it owes to APC.

I urge those who have influence on this property owner to do right by the community.

Fund-Raising for Garbage Truck:

I am pleased to announce that we have raised a bit more than 350,000 pesos for the "new" garbage truck that APC is in the process of procuring. Mike Byrne and Abby Inoa are co-chairs and spear heading this effort. This is how it works. The donations are put in a separate account to be used solely for the procurement of the truck. The amount paid by a donee will be credited as follows. Two thirds of the amount paid will be credited towards the APC dues of the donee, one half of which will be credited to the 2012 account and the other half in 2013. The remaining one third will be an outright donation with the possibility that it too could be credited to the donees 2014 account if APC's financial situation permits.

Almost all the pledges thus far are in US Dollars and will be deposited in APC's dollar account. Here are the current pledges:

Abby and Denise Inoa: US $ 1,350.00
Mike and Lois Byrne: US $ 1,350.00
Joe and Thelma Vicari: US $ 1,350.00
Michael and Patricia Orlando: US $ 1,350.00
Gene and Janet Di Lorenzo: US $ 1,350.00
Hemu and Yash Aggarwal: US $ 1,500.00
Filippo and Marjorie Bosco: US $ 500.00
Jenny Jacobs US $ 500.00

Additionally, Tim and Juanita of Los Charros Mexican Restaurant have pledged RD 15,000 pesos. Our thanks to all the pledged donees.

Our target is 1.2 million pesos. APC has put aside RD 250,000 pesos or US $6,700 for the purchase of the truck. Hence, we are half-way there and with your help we can soon reach our goal. I urge others to step forward and support this effort, especially since most of the money donated is returned in the form of a credit towards future APC dues.

Creation of A Property Management Division within APC:

Tomorrow the Board of Directors of APC will vote on the creation of a division with APC to manage properties. The Board has tentatively discussed the proposal and most probably will formalize it tomorrow. Here is a brief synopsis in advance of the formal decision:



APC announces the formation of a Division of Property Management Services.

APC will administer and manage certain properties on behalf of the owners if requested. The type of properties and services will include the following:

Properties: Apartment Buildings, Condominium Complexes, And Individual Houses.

Services: Prepare budgets, administer payroll, manage accounts and finances, collect rents and condominium fees, arrange and oversee maintenance and repair services, and arrange legal services. The service package can be tailored to meet specific needs of individual properties.

Management Fee: There is no management fee per se. For apartment buildings and condominium complexes, the monthly charge will equal the actual cost of all direct charges (property payroll, repairs and maintenance, common area utilities and other services, legal fees if any, etc.) plus an overhead of 15%. The 15% overhead will hopefully cover the management and administrative expenses of APC (personnel, utilities, telephone, transportation, internet services, office supplies, bank charges, etc.). The objective is not to make money but to provide reliable services and make it easier for APC members to manage their properties. The 15% could be adjusted periodically based on experience. In the case of individual houses or buildings with a few units, the charges would be calculated on individual basis depending upon the complexity of the services required.

Commencement Date: April 1, 2011

For more information and an appointment call: 809-9707877.

Yash Aggarwal

APC- President

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Email from Yash
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