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Costambar is a beach community located in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.
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 Maintenance of Costambar

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Anette K.N.

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PostSubject: Maintenance of Costambar   Wed Mar 23, 2011 11:28 am

To the Board of Directors APC

(This message is being sent to the APC office as E mail also, as well as posted on this forum.)

I am spending money out of my own pocket (with the kind help of my direct neighbor) to get some of the lots and street borders cut and cleaned. I don’t want any service from APC and I don’t expect any service either. As a matter of fact I stopped paying several months ago, because no decent service is provided - and I have no problem paying on my own to get some kind of maintenance of the area.
However, I am not willing to pay for the job, that somebody is paying APC to do!!!
I spoke to some of my neighbors and I realized that Carlo (the painter living at Calle Playa Oeste) is paying his APC fee. He also told me, that the house at the corner of Mella and Playa Oeste, which was sold to a Canadian couple is paying the APC fee. However NO decent service is provided for those people and this affects not only the paying people, but also the rest of us living in the area .
The street border around these two properties were not cut and cleaned for months! A pile of garbage / cuttings is lying at the corner at those properties for months and nobody from APC is removing it.
As far as I know, Steven Massad always paid for his property at the end of Calle Mella and NO service is provided here either. (Which also affects Carlo, who is paying..)
As a matter of fact somebody is burning charcoal at that house right now and NOBODY is taking action. The heavy smoke is killing us here at night.. A white horse is always attached near this property and the droppings are lying all over the street and NOBODY takes action. This affects ALSO the people, who pay their APC fee!
What do you expect us all to do?? You are sending out bills to all the non payers, but you are not even providing service for the people, who are paying!!!
Costambar is full of new vegetable gardens. Early in the morning you can see workers jumping over the wall and walk with all their tools to “their fields” inside Costambar.. Even next to Michael Hahn, who is a board member they are growing a new vegetable garden..
As I said many times before - I would love to pay APC or whomever would provide the service.. However I cannot pay 2.700 pesos per months only to get my garbage picked up and then additionally pay somebody else to clean the surroundings of my home..
Please take care of the PAYING properties - and then you might have the possibility to receive more members - but not like this!
I attach some pictures ( at the forum the pictures will be placed at the gallery).
Anette Krogh Nielsen, Calle Mella 10.
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Maintenance of Costambar
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