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Costambar is a beach community located in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.
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 Walking path/camino peatonal.

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Walking path/camino peatonal. Empty
PostSubject: Walking path/camino peatonal.   Walking path/camino peatonal. Icon_minitimeMon Jul 13, 2009 3:28 pm

I was glad to see this topic appear on the Forum....Thank you Aida. I thoroughly agree that the walking path would be a very positive development.
I would, however like to see more investigation about the feasibility of using the present walking path, since a great deal of thought and $$ went into that project. Why start over if we can salvage that plan, and the main gate does not need any more "confusion", be it on foot or wheels.
Secondly, there are two other pros that I would like to mention:
1. The beach vendors will likely see this as a negative development in their consumer base, but it would seem that they would do MORE business since the public would be limited to bringing in small hand coolers only. If their prices are reasonable, they will make it worth the while of the public to come to our beach.
2. The roads in Costambar are maintained at considerable expense to the community (not the public). Having that much less garbage and traffic on our beach and byways would be welcome to all of us that pick up garbage and fill potholes!
I hope this topic brings out more interest and commentary! Perhaps one of the APC Board members could explain why the project was shelved in 2008?
Linda Belliard
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Walking path/camino peatonal.
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