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Costambar is a beach community located in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.
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 Unity Slate - Resumes of Candidates For 2012 APC Election

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Unity Slate - Resumes of Candidates For 2012 APC Election Empty
PostSubject: Unity Slate - Resumes of Candidates For 2012 APC Election   Unity Slate - Resumes of Candidates For 2012 APC Election Icon_minitimeFri Feb 03, 2012 10:40 am

Candidates For APC Office On The Unity Slate
For President: Don Docker (Years in Costambar: 17; Languages: English, Spanish)
During Don’s earlier experience was in consulting and management. From 1983 to 1994 he was president of Docker, Allen, Tataryn and Associates. Inc., a full service consulting firm, His area of expertise was Crisis Management, Forensics, Emergency Planning and related Comprehensive Audits and Program Evaluations. From 1989 to 1995 he served as a member of the Board of Directors of Aegis Power Technologies Inc., an Ottawa firm specializing in high tech security solutions.
Don has served on several Boards of Directors for the APC since 1996. He served for the first six years as President during which the management of the project was taken away from Costa de Ambar S.A. This was accomplished through a series of official hearings, and two appeals. He set up the maintenance company, hired security firms and workers and staffed a project manager's position. In addition he bought the office equipment and vehicles, including the DR Grass cutters. During his tenure the lots were cut regularly and Liana Swerdlin oversaw the replacement of more than half of non-functioning lights. He served four more years under two different Presidents in other Board positions during which good working relationships with Municipal and Federal authorities was maintained as a matter of course.
He has demonstrated his leadership and concern for Costambar by acting as Secretary to the board of Movemiento Pro Rescate de Puerto Plata Inc., an environmental activist group of Puerto Plata business and professional people which through media campaigns, demonstrations, and lobby pressure:
prevented the establishment of the Keppel Fels generating plant to be located next to Smith-Enron
prevented an incinerator being placed in Playa Negra to burn garbage, 95% of which was from Santiago
prevented tank farms from being built in San Marcos, and in Guzmancito.
caused the four Puerto Plata generating plants to install adequate filters

For Vice President: Liana Swerdlin (Years in Costambar: 17; Languages: English, Spanish, French and Greek)
Mrs. Swerdlin is a well-known and long term member of the community and a full time resident for over 17 years. Prior to moving permanently to Costambar, she personally founded, owned and managed four retail stores in Maryland and Washington DC. She also owned and managed a successful wholesale jewelry business. She has served the community as a Past President of APC for 2 ½ years, and spearheaded such major projects as the construction of the perimeter wall and the green gate, and initiated expanded beach cleaning, grrass cutting, and maintenance of street lights. Her administration is known for its excellent relations with government officials, and for unity and harmony within the membership.

For Secretary: Pat Kruchten (Years in Costambar: 2; Language: English)
Mr. Kruchten has served on private and public boards virtually his entire life. Starting with the Student Council presidency in HS and Student Senate in college, he has served on a variety of community service boards including the Minnesota Orchestral Association, Presidency of the Minnesota Orchestra at St. Benedict's, the Community Arts Council, the Chamber Music Society, and Classic Chamber Concerts of Naples Florida. Mr. Kruchten has served as a director of several banks and as Chairman and CEO of two banks and bank holding companies. He was active in the banking and bank holding company associations, and was a frequent speaker at association events as an expert on Strategic Planning. He has organized and managed numerous corporations and partnerships, and has served as President of two Condominium associations. Mr. Kruchten has a long history of dedicated, even handed and fair minded community service.

For Treasurer: Bob Curtis (Years in Costambar: 24; Language: English)
Bob Curtis has enjoyed a career as a software designer for over 45 years. His clients include AT&T, Westinghouse, GTE, ITT, Verizon, U.S. Navy and the NSA. He has designed numerous accounting systems, including a General Ledger and an Accounts Payable application for the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Here in Costambar he created an accounting system for the Costambar Road Committee which, in addition to the normal accounting requirements, also tracks labor and material consumption. For the Security Committee, he designed an accounting system which forecasts revenue needs against future income. He has used the QuickBooks accounting package (in use by the APC) in his own consulting company since 1988. He holds a B.S. in Mathematics and a M.S. in Industrial Engineering.
For Vocal: Raf Belliard (Years in Costambar: 33; Languages: English, Spanish
A dual nationality (native Dominican plus naturalized American citizen) retired internist, who has been a Costambar owner since 1979 and spends nearly 6 months of every year here. He practiced Internal Medicine in the US for a total of 40 years (20 of which in private practice and 20 more working for the Veterans Administration), served in the US Navy as a medical officer during the Viet Nam war years and retired in 2001, following which he and his wife cruised on their sailboat for 5 years. His main interests now are oil painting, golfing, music, travel and foreign languages. Fluent in Spanish and English, also speaks some German. He is a vocal of the 2010-2012 APC Board of Directors and member of the Costambar Road Improvement Committee (CRIC).

For Vocal: Ann Walsh (Years in Costambar: 25; Languages: English, Spanish)
Ann has served as Advertising Copywriter and Creative Director in Advertising Agencies in London UK and New York. From 1981 to 1996 she was president of Kahn/Larsen/Walsh Inc., a new product development company in US. She purchased a condo in Don Diego in 1986. In 2002 she moved here full time (with her husband, John MacGillivray). Ann has been the administrator of the Costambar Forum and its primary benefactor since its inception. She has been the manager of the Don Diego condominiums since 1995.

For Vocal: Colin Olliver (Years in Costambar: 21; Languages: English, Spanish)
Colin is a 21 year resident of Costambar. Born in England, he was an active service officer in the Air Force. He subsequently pursued a career in management at a number of technology companies in the United States, including Smith Corona Merchant, Univac, Remington, AB Dick and NCR. In addition, Colin established an executive search firm. He has also developed a business here in the Dominican Republic. He has been the administrator of the Laura Marcel condominiums since 1995.

For Vocal: Jack Cameron (Years in Costambar: 6; Languages: English, Spanish)
Jack Cameron has been a real estate entrepreneur in the Duluth Minnesota area since the 1980’s. The companies he has created have owned and managed over one hundred properties. A licensed pilot, he formed Superior Aircraft Leasing Company in 1989. In 2005, Jack purchased Mulaney Academy School and built the Seahorse Condos in Costambar. He was elected Vice President of the APC in 2010. As a result of Jack’s leadership of the Costambar Security committee, over 600,000 pesos have been raised for the security of Costambar’s residents. Jack is extremely proud to be receiving his naturalized Dominican citizenship in late January.

For Vocal: Beatriz Skeet de Angerman (Years in Costambar: 5; Languages: English, Spanish, and German)
Beatriz has run an excursion business in Punta Racina involving boat rentals and scheduling tours. Here in Costambar she runs the R&B Bakery and Restaurant, while her husband manages a second restaurant in Sosua.
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Unity Slate - Resumes of Candidates For 2012 APC Election
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