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Costambar is a beach community located in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.
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 APC elction A Sad Commentary

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PostSubject: APC elction A Sad Commentary   Wed Feb 08, 2012 7:36 pm

Last group of people who truly care for Costambar and wanted to work for betterment of it were voted out.
Costambar Just had another board of directors election. 68% of the population did not vote.
Some were not allowed to vote for none payment of their fees yet 1 candidate that won was a board member on this past board without paying his full fees for years. The next candidate got a sweet deal and was to pay a small fee for all the years of none payment. The last is the president still owning over ten thousand pesos for the years he was not involved with the board.
Some of the residents of Costambar did not know there was an election because when one slat tried to give out fliers at the gate ahead of the election the APC President had them confiscated, APC president did allow APC notifications to be handed out at the gate but the last hour when hardly anyone around to see it and very cleverly had the election meeting on a Tuesday, a work day at 2.45 pm.
Some just did not vote because they just do not care and as long as there are bars to drink and young girls walking the streets of Costambar what more do they need.
But the majority just did not feel they matter, APC does not involve them in any dialogs, decisions or actions. The president knows everything.
Now some winter visitors have gotten together and voted an Ignorant, self centered, self loving full of him self for president with his yes sir group, soon tthese winter visitors will leave and Costamabr will have a dictator who feels he does not have to give no financial report to anyone. He is the King of Costambar. Part of that 32% that do pay their fees to APC and voted for this group can hail to the emperor.
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APC elction A Sad Commentary
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