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 APC Moving Ahead - Part II

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Anette K.N.

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PostSubject: Re: APC Moving Ahead - Part II   Mon Mar 12, 2012 10:47 pm

Stanley, I really find it very positive that you take your time to answer and to comment on this web page. It is very nice of you and it is also positive, that you don’t get angry listening to our different opinions. You are a “rare” kind (he he), because the few members of APC, who took their time to participate on this page, mainly ended up insulting the people, because they saw every kind of criticism as a personal attack..

Said that, I just want to point out, that this page is not an APC page only - it is a COMMUNITY page.. That is the reason I write here sometimes, as I would not go into an APC web page, being I am not a member of APC.

I worked as a volunteer for APC for around 4 years - a couple of years as the Treasurer too. I did it (like you), because I wanted to help Costambar to be a better place. I never expected any glory or personal benefits - I just wanted to make a difference.

It ended up in a bad experience and I lost the respect for a considerable amount of property owners in Costambar.
As I said before - it is all about “egos”.. The people going to the annual meetings do not really know, what it is all about ( not everybody off course..). They just need their “friends” to say something funny or something, that makes them applaud.. They don’t want to listen, when you explain the finances in details - it is boring I guess. They just want the things done.

The problem is, that it is far to easy to hijack a general meeting and turn all the rules upside down - and get away with it… The “funniest” thing is actually, that one of the persons claiming that the last election was a fraud, did exactly the same thing in 2008..

I have nothing against talking to you Stanley, however I will never be a member of APC again. Not because the grass is growing or the street lights are not working, but because I don’t believe in the people any more. It will not work..
Having a maintenance company on voluntary basis is a dead end, according to my opinion. I don’t think that the maintenance in the two other countries you lived in, were carried out by a volunteer association .. I bet they were companies like it use to be in private projects…
My suggestion is to handle Costambar back to its initial developer - Costa de Ambar. They claim, that Costambar belongs to them - so give it to them!
Why would you pay for all the expenses at the gate (employees etcetera) if Costa de Ambar wants to do it?

Well, I wish you good luck. bounce
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PostSubject: Re: APC Moving Ahead - Part II   Fri Mar 09, 2012 11:54 pm

In reply to Eli’s posting:
I have looked at the wall again, which from now on I will refer to as “Eli’s wall”, and think that a few more rows of blocks would help greatly. I have asked for a quotation for this, if funds allow I hope that “Eli’s wall” will be up to expectations.

In reply to the posting of Annette:
I am in total agreement with you about the condition of Costambar, we could all do much better, Costambar has a potential that we are not realizing. I do not like court cases and the technicalities of court cases I will leave to the persons competent.

The reason I volunteered as board member is that I was not at all happy with way the community is developing and wanted to understand better it’s workings.

I spent most of my adult life living in Monaco a small international community that functions very very well, later I moved Antigua and lived at “Jolly Harbour” a small private community no bigger than Costambar, again a small international community that also works very well. Links are below:

I do not think that Costambar will ever be a Monaco or Jolly Harbour, but it could certainly be a lot better. These communities function due to intelligent cooperation within the community and quite simply, good management.

Many of Costambar’s problems come from a lack of communication, and a confusion of information. Bob Curtis and Ann Walsh to there merit have obviously made an effort to rectify this by creating the APC Costambar Website and this forum. Many ask questions at the APC office, to some things Betania has neither the time, knowledge, or personality to reply correctly. We very much need a local person in the office to deal with residents, so that Betania can concentrate more on supervising the effectiveness of the workers. We are also in need of a person to drive the Tractor/Lawnmower around the green areas, to liberate workers so that more time can be spent on street cleaning. Thus dear Annette will not have to wear away her broom chasing each errant leaf. Volunteers are Welcome!

One example of the communication problems: Street Lights.
Many think that the street lights are the sole responsibility of the APC. The reality is that the electrical network that supplies the lamps is the responsibility of Edenorte, who in turn are paid by the Mayors office, from the 3 percent that each of us pay to Edenorte when we pay our electricity bills. This 3 percent goes to other things too, but to simplify: The APC simply replace lamps and fixtures when funds allow to the existing network.

There is a lot criticism of the present APC President, he thinks very quickly and reacts just as fast, this often confuses slower minds. This man is doing a massif amount of work to contact local authorities, has invited national politicians and international authorities to help solve the daily problems, electricity, water and streets of place which we have made our homes. His request will only be treated seriously if he represents the whole community.

I know that Presidential Candidate Hipolito Mejia has replied in a positive way and the meeting, to take place in the next ten days will probably take the form of a lunch. Anyone interested in participating should contact me at: for details. Danillo Medina has yet to reply.

Annette has outlined the problems, cleanliness, cooperation etc….
With the APC maintenance funds we receive at the moment, we can get by.
With all of the APC maintenance funds due and intelligent community cooperation we could really advance and make Costambar a much happier and cleaner place.

So let us all look for the solutions, whatever scandals, rumors and slanderous accusations occurred in the past and that I was not apart of, really do not interest me. I prefer to concentrate my energies on current and future solutions.

I would be very happy to meet with you Annette and your husband to discuss the future of Costambar in a positive way.
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PostSubject: Re: APC Moving Ahead - Part II   Fri Mar 09, 2012 8:02 pm

Will do Stephen, I have the annual "profit and loss" in excel form and will forward it. I not sure if i have the minutes of the General Assembly meeting in computerized form, i may need to scan them before sending. I will do this and reply to other posts, over the weekend.......................a little tired tonight.
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PostSubject: Re: APC Moving Ahead - Part II   Fri Mar 09, 2012 7:13 pm

Well I am glad to see we at last have someone on the Board who does at least attempt to respond to residents concerns. Now Stanley as I could not attend the Feb 2012 annual meeting, I did not get a copy of the 2011 financial statements which were required to be presented to the members as required by Law 225. As one of the now rare contributors to APC, we are entitled to to this info so I would be pleased if you would forawrd a copy to my email please.

At the same time, I have been hearing a lot of hot air over the annual meeting. To get some sort of balance I would appreciate a copy of the official minutes please.

Thanks and please continue to keep the membership informed. And also try to get some dialogue going with all the dissidents - it now appears we have four entities and far too much testosterone vying for control of this miserable excuse for a community. APC, the Junta, Vallerino and now ex-APC. Its actually amazing to see so much testosterone in so many whining residents. Pity all this energy can't be directed to more productive enterprises, but then again I doubt whether most residents are capable of reproduction any more. We need the brains back up top, not lower down where they seem to be inextricably lodged at this time.
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Anette K.N.

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PostSubject: Re: APC Moving Ahead - Part II   Thu Mar 08, 2012 11:24 pm

Stanley, I am sure, that you just want to do your best for Costambar and I am also sure, that you have the best intentions.

The problem here is, that I actually know, what I am talking about due to the fact, that I was a volunteer member of the APC board for several years and I had the same eager at that time - as you have now - to make things better.

At that time we did good things - and I guess some bad things too.. You can never make everybody happy.
Years ago I wondered why so many FORMER members of the board later on turned their back to APC. I learned to understand that point…

Believe it or not - I actually want the best for Costambar and I am still very sad that I had no other choice, than giving up completely. I stopped believing in APC and nothing has happened to make me change my mind.

It was always a fight between personalities and egos - always politics.. I have only met very few people, who really wanted to get together, work together and listen to ALL opinions in this community. It was always “ me first - my opinion best - she is not one of us - I know more than you and bla bla bla”. Always a fight, instead of helping each other.

I was completely stunned when the election meeting in 2008 was hi jacked in the worst manner ever. You can read about this elsewhere, because a few of us have written pages about this issue - WITHOUT receiving any help or support from the rest of the people.
I continued paying my fee to APC, because in the end we were promised that a new election would take place after one year.
One year went by and NOTHING happened.. NOBODY was interested in making things right - we should just stop complaining and forget the past..

How can I be a member of an association, where nobody cares about the rules ? How can I be a member of an association, where all decisions are taken by a small and closed group of people with no interest in other people and other nationalities or other groups in Costambar ?

And things are worse now, than ever before. The arrogant behavior of the present President is unbelievable. Running from one law suit to another - it is pathetic actually.
I have my name almost on the top of the “demand list” and “go ahead” please!
This is personal some way, because I am actually not one of the owners in Costambar with a long history as a “non payer”..
I have worked my ass off for this community (as you are properly doing now) and I want things to be handled fair and correct for EVERYBODY and not only for a few egos. (Maybe that makes me a “pain in the ass”..)

APC has lost many members and APC does not have the majority of Costambar any more. It is a “simple” non profit Association and you have no case suing the people for not being member of APC. There is no signed contract and you simply have NO case. Again - it is pathetic.

And by the way - lawsuits in this way are only pushing people away from APC. We proofed in the past, that the only way to gain members is talking nicely to EVERYBODY - go around in the community and explain things to people and we had 78% paying members at that time.. And Eli is right: it is a down hill journey!
Don’t tell me, that following my doctrine will turn Costambar into a barrio.. It is already a barrio Stanley - or take a walk and LOOK.. (With all my respect for your work..)
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PostSubject: Re: APC Moving Ahead - Part II   Wed Mar 07, 2012 7:04 pm

Stanly I wish you all the best in your work because Costambar is a wonderful place to live when it is at its best.

Actually you could learn about the books and APC's ins and out from Anette for she was the best treasurer Costambar ever had.

It is very true what she says about the 2008 election and how the election committee along with some old timers of Costambar hijacked the election and since then it has been a downhill journey for Costambar. Slowly all the hard working residents pull them selves away.

The funny thing is the same people whom were beating their chest about the 2008 election and went along with the fraud were all excited for the 2010 election, the same group thought Yash was a saviour of Costambar.

But this election they had realized their mistake, hey it is too late and look what has happened.

In 2008 the old board did change the election system as legally as the regulation had asked, if the A group had gone along with the changes things would have been so much different ,imagine from 79% fee collection to 28% and still sliding.

In 2008 election beside the 18 people whom were running for a post there were at least 5 more volunteers

.Just to have so many people whom wanted to work for Costambar.

Now what do you have. A dictator who very rapidly alienating everyone.
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PostSubject: Re: APC Moving Ahead - Part II   Wed Mar 07, 2012 3:13 pm

In reply to Eli:

I checked the gate and wall this morning and can see that there is barbed wire missing on the northern side of the gate. I have reported this and will do my best to see that this situation is rectified.

I too want transparency in the accounts and transparency about APC activities, this is why I am writing too you.
At the moment “profit and loss” accounts are produced every three months, and the audit is made by an external accounting company and the next one, for last year should be available in April – May, this the Dominican Republic.
I am still learning my job as treasurer, but I can see immediately that a monthly account is not a true reflection of what is happening within the APC, some months are falsely high such as January when many responsible people pay there fees for the year, others such as the summer months when many return to their native countries are low.

As time goes on I will do my best to keep you more informed, at the moment I must concentrate on mastering my tasks as treasurer. My most important task is to encourage late payers to pay and existent payers to continue paying, without these funds we cannot replace the barbed wire, fix the walls or spend money on street cleaning.

In reply to the posting of Annette:

If we followed the doctrine of Annette, Costambar would soon degenerate into becoming just another barrio of Puerta Plata, with all that this implies, I do not believe that any of us want that.
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Anette K.N.

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PostSubject: Re: APC Moving Ahead - Part II   Tue Mar 06, 2012 10:16 pm

Well, it is not only the part in front of my property, that I clean.. I clean the street borders along approximately 3 other lots and I cut the lot in front of my house - although it does not belong to me. I also clean the lot next to my house. I don’t see many other “civically minding people” doing this , because THEN Costambar would be clean….

Security ? What security?? In the area, where I live there is NO security. The area is completely open and everybody can walk right into Costambar - and nobody is doing anything to avoid that fact.. Any person not allowed through the main gate, just goes to this area and walks right into Costambar.. Sundays it is crazy, because tons of people are coming into Costambar even on motorbikes through this area…
We have approximately 250 Meter open land and nobody is watching or patrolling that area. Sandro even told me some months ago, that it is impossible to control Costambar with the lack of security at this end of Costambar.
So I don’t understand, what you think I expect other people to pay for me??? I only have the security I provide myself actually..
I rarely use the main gate, as I am a member of Los Mangos Club and therefore I mainly use their gate. The very few times I go out of Costambar through the main gate I see no security there either, because the bar is normally open and nobody is even looking at me or my car..
I don’t want APC to pick up my garbage, because I pay somebody else for that service.. It is your problem if you send a garbage truck to pick up my garbage - I don’t NEED that and I don’t want to pay a full maintenance fee for that reason only.
What other services do you offer ?? I don’t find it reasonable to pay 2500 pesos for NOTHING..

This is actually not the only reason, why I never again want to be a member of APC.
I already wrote pages and more pages about the terrible elections in 2008, when somebody came of the idea to hijack the meeting and ignore the decisions previously taken by the community. No rules were followed and some people in this community should be very ashamed of themselves.
As far as I understand (I was not present) the last election meeting was even worse without any kind of transparency and mostly looking like fraud.
I cannot be part of people, who put themselves and their EGO first - and all that fight for the leadership .. I do not support any “Napoleon”..
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PostSubject: Re: APC Moving Ahead - Part II   Tue Mar 06, 2012 8:30 pm

Thank you Eli, I will certainly have the wall checked. Stanley
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PostSubject: Re: APC Moving Ahead - Part II   Tue Mar 06, 2012 8:24 pm

No matter, it is not your reply I was waiting for, its monthly financial reports. transparency in the election process,

The issues I raised all are true , regarding Yash owing money on his past fee all you need to look back in the apc computer when everyone was paying 1500.00 pesos for a home during Liana's presidency Yash refused to pay more than 850.00 pesos just look up the old reports.

One of these days when you have time drive down calle Colina all the way to the gate there you will see the wall that planta built and the stretch of barb wire that residents of Costambar donated to be put up and now it is all pulled down, people just climb the short wall and enter Costambr at will.

That is security concern where money should be spent not on planting palmas and flowers.

Replace the lights on the streets have the security personal check every camiont that drives in or out of Costambar to make sure no one is stealing the lamparas .

How are trees and flowers going to help? but I do not know how you guys going to do anything when the fee collection is down to 28%. Maybe Yash can sue some more people. Reply not needed.
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PostSubject: Re: APC Moving Ahead - Part II   Tue Mar 06, 2012 9:40 am

Hi Annette, glad to hear that you clean the street near your property, as I do and would any reasonable civically minding person. But very sad to hear that you are expecting others to pay for the APC services, security would be one example, that none of us can avoid.
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Anette K.N.

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PostSubject: Re: APC Moving Ahead - Part II   Tue Mar 06, 2012 12:17 am

With all my respect - I don’t know exactly how you want me to be more specific..

You just need to take a walk in Costambar.. Maybe the main road is more or less clean and maybe “your” street is clean ( I don’t know where you live)..

The beach is NOT clean and several streets are very bad looking too. I use to take a walk through most Costambar very early in the morning and very few street borders and empty lots are well maintained .
People are growing vegetables even at the street borders in some areas.
Early in the morning some people from outside Costambar ( even children) are digging around in the garbage cans to find food for their pigs (I guess) and you can watch them carry the disgusting leftovers through whole Costambar without anybody stopping them.

We have horses in Costambar again. The people from outside bring their horses into Costambar and especially at Calle Sanchez you will find 4-5 horses every morning… Nobody is doing anything to remove them from Costambar, although they do not belong here.

Many street lights are not working. Most of Calle Sanchez is completely dark, although you have paying members living in that area.

During the whole summer 2011 NOTHING was done at all by APC for their members, but off course - most of YOUR people are not here in the summer anyway..

You know, I can actually go on forever with my description, but it would be a waste of time.
It is not a complaint - just some facts!
However, don’t call APC the legal authority of Costambar. APC is NOT representing the majority of Costambar. APC has no signed contract with anybody here.
Therefore I just cannot understand how you can have “good news” for “non payers” like me.. I don’t WANT to be member of your club.
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PostSubject: Re: APC Moving Ahead - Part II   Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:09 pm

Please be specific Annette, and I will do my best to verify the facts.

Tomorrow I hope to have good news for the late or non payers.
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Anette K.N.

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PostSubject: Re: APC Moving Ahead - Part II   Mon Mar 05, 2012 10:27 pm

Talking about planting palm trees and flowers along the road side I cannot avoid making a commentary.

How on earth can somebody come of the idea to plant flowers along the road side, when Costambar is generally looking terrible ? I just don’t get it..
Costambar is DIRTY and part of the beach is filled with garbage and you are planting flowers !

I always find it nice, when somebody wants to donate money, however….
Areas with plenty of paying people are looking awful. The grass is growing into the sky and garbage and cuttings are lying everywhere..

I have no right to complain actually, because I have completely divorced myself from APC and I have no intentions to join APC EVER again.
What has been going on in this community for the last years is just incredible to say at least. In my opinion APC is a social club for a few and not a real representative of the WHOLE community.

And the same song as always “ We must thank the volunteers”. I was a volunteer myself - for APC and for years.. I did it, because I wanted to and not because I expected somebody to thank me for it.. That is the whole idea by being a “volunteer”…

And frankly: “My” part of the street is not looking too bad actually, because I pay somebody to clean and somebody to pick up my garbage. If the street light is not working - I get it repaired… And I pay for that myself..

I just feel sorry for some of my neighbors, who are actually paying YOU - APC to get the work done and the front and the surroundings of their houses are looking disgusting..
So you go on planting flowers!

(And actually there was a problem with a NOT paid fee a few years ago just like Eli is saying, but maybe it was erased from your program..) bounce
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PostSubject: Re: APC Moving Ahead - Part II   Mon Mar 05, 2012 8:57 pm

Hi Eli, sorry it has taken me so long to reply, I personally wanted to verify all of the facts before answering you.

Normally I would not respond to this kind of posting, firstly because of it’s potentially libelous nature, secondly because it does not directly relate to Official APC notices.

However I have heard these rumors and I think that it is better that the facts be known, the details are below:

The court case against Mark Gill was personal and no APC funds were used.
The court case against David Rentzel cost the APC 8 USD and no lawyer was involved.
The court case of Don Docker and Rafael Belliard, also the court case filed by Gonzalo, were instigated at there own initiative, the APC has spent a total of RD$4,000.
At no time has Yash owed 10,000 pesos to the APC the or been absolved of any debt . This can be verified with Bethania at the APC office.

If it costs only one hundred and eight dollars to protect an APC member I personally would open my wallet as many others of the community would too.

Please remember that APC committee members and sub committee members are not paid for there work, each of Committee members now and in the past, has put in there own time, gasoline, telephone and often there own savings to help advance the Costambar community. I personally, this very evening pledged a small sum to buying planted flowers for the roadsides that some of the community have asked for.
We should thank all APC committee members now and certainly in the past for the good work they have done. You too Eli should use this as an example, and help the work with the Costambar community which welcomes you.

Please pass this message on to your friends.
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PostSubject: Re: APC Moving Ahead - Part II   Mon Mar 05, 2012 8:25 am

why is it that president writs all kind of nonesense about the board meetings that does nothing but will not write about the APC money gets spend on Yash's court cases, like Yash threatening ones life and now has to defend him self yet APC pays for it ,another case where he has some personal problems with a costambar citizen takes him to court APC has to pay for it ,took another costambar resident to court lost APC paid for the expense and he will not reimburse the resident. lets talk about all these shenanigans Yash come on tell us what is really going on at APC office and the bank account.
What kind of deals have you made with the residents to pay reduced fees ? promised them a seat on the board ,where are they now?.
Oh did you ever pay over 10,000.00 pesos you owed apc for your past fees???
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PostSubject: Re: APC Moving Ahead - Part II   Wed Feb 22, 2012 9:51 am

Hi Marlou,
This has little to do with Official APC Notices, but I do understand your dilemma!

Quote: “If you live on a desert island or in the middle of a forest, and you do the best that you can, clients will beat a path to your door”

One of the subjects on the agenda for the next board meeting will be listing and advertising local commerce’s. If you can send a small text and photo, marked for my attention to,
I will do the best that I can to help beat the path to your door.
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PostSubject: Re: APC Moving Ahead - Part II   Wed Feb 22, 2012 1:17 am

You know what? I've been thinking long & hard recently about how I can improve my business & it's profitability.

I've been considering spending money on beautifying the building, improving the ambiance, replacing the tables & chairs & spending a small fortune on "bits & bobs" to make my customers feel a warm fuzzy feeling inside when they visit.

Alternatively, I've been considering spending my budget on advertising & promotions to encourage NEW customers into my restaurant. Let the quality of our food & service speak for itself, if they like it they will return.

It's a dilemma faced by every business - marketing or service.

As we all know, however, they are not mutually exclusive. The best product in the world is worthless without marketing & the best marketing can't disguise a crap product. It's a question of balance.

It makes me wonder if all the palm trees in the world are a wise investment if nobody knows where they can see them .....
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PostSubject: APC Moving Ahead - Part II   Sun Feb 19, 2012 6:15 pm

Fellow APC Members:

A quick follow-up on the Board decisions of February 13, 2011.

The project to beautify Costambar or uplift its curb appeal is off to a great start. A first batch of 50 palm trees were planted yesterday along the Calle Principal/Central. Next week the planting will continue along Calle Cristobal Colon. Obviously APC does not have the resources to cover Costambar in its entirety. Some APC members, however, want and have offered to pay for palm trees on and along their properties. We will oblige such requests and if you are interested in doing the same please contact Bethania in the APC office.

In the next few weeks we will begin replacing street signs in Costambar. We have received quotations for various types of street signs and the Board will finalize its choice depending upon the cost and uniqueness of the sign. We have already received pledges of RD 22,000 pesos from the Helping Hands for Costambar, Lisa and Gino Melatti, and Camilo Brugal to partially offset the costs. We welcome additional sponsors.

Improving the Costambar Beach is a priority. A Board delegation consisting of hector Luis Rodriguez, Camilo Brugal, Gilles Durand, and myself will shortly meet with the vice-Minister of Tourism in Puerto Plata. The association of vendors of Costambar Beach and individual businesses are responsible to keep the beach clean. APC is responsible to clean the area from the street out and away from the beach. Apparently, some areas of the beach are not being cleaned by the vendor's association. We need to find a viable solution to this eternal problem without making substantial additional demands on APC resources. Suggestions for viable solutions are welcome.

Keeping Costambar clean is not the sole responsibility of APC, especially when a good number of property owners are not paying their dues for the services received and are living off the generosity of others. It is incumbent upon each of the property/business owner to keep their premises and surroundings clean, have sufficient number of garbage cans to hold the amount of garbage produced, and protect the cans from being toppled over by stray dogs. This week-end a non-paying property owner and manager of a condominium had the nerve to leave the garbage in the street (Calle Colon in front of Villa Marlena) and threatened to throw the same in the streets of Costambar. The community should join APC in not tolerating such irresponsible behavior, especially on the part of someone who does not even pay his dues.

Household garbage is picked up by the compactor truck 4 and half days a week. On most Wednesdays and sometimes on Saturdays (half day) the white truck picks up tree limbs, brush and tree branches. Special pick ups (e.g construction waste, brush from non-paying lots) require a payment to defer the costs. Call Bethania at the APC office to schedule such a pick up.

We are taking steps to strengthen the daily security operations by giving greater autonomy and responsibilities to the three security supervisors instead of micro-managing security operations. The change seems to be working well and we will take steps if it fails to live up to its promise. The leadership of the independent Security Committee, a key element in the cooperation we receive from the National Police, is apparently in limbo. It is not clear whether jack Cameron, whom the current APC Board has urged to stay, wishes to continue. It is in the interests of the community and our relationship with the National Police that the members of the Security Committee expeditiously resolve the leadership issue.

Pot holes are developing and becoming more expansive near the main gate and in front of Jenny market. The APC Board has not heard from the Costambar Road Committee as to what their plans are and when they intend to begin the annual work of street repairs. Once more the APC Board urges the Road Committee to inform the Board as to their plans and begin their work. Time is of the essence.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the APC Board

Yash Aggarwal

APC President.
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PostSubject: Re: APC Moving Ahead - Part II   

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APC Moving Ahead - Part II
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