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 APC Demands Control of C.R.I.C Funds

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PostSubject: APC Demands Control of C.R.I.C Funds   Tue Feb 28, 2012 9:50 am

APC Board of Directors
Treasurer -Stanley BOBYK
27th of February 2012 Rafael BELLIARD
Roads Improvement Committee
Dear Rafael,
Referring you to the resolution dated 22 of January 2009, to create a sub
committee entitled “Roads Improvement Committee”.
“Roads Improvement Committee”. is a sub committee of the APC board and as
such, the acting treasurer of the APC board holds responsibility over funds
collected and distributed by members of the “Roads Improvement Committee”.
There have been doubts in the past over use of “Roads Improvement
Committee” funds. As treasurer I am requesting the following:
That the 21,000 pesos profit from the recent “Samana Trip” to be
expeditiously deposited in the APC account for road improvements.
Also, take note that the Road Committee does not have the authority to pass a
resolution giving Bob Curtis 10,000 pesos for his personal legal fees and if such
a payment is made from Committee funds it would be a gross violation of the
charter of the Committee.
On a personal level, I have asked you in the recent past both directly and
indirectly to please help to create harmony within the Costambar community, I
now asking you as APC treasurer, to comply.
Stanley BOBYK – APC treasurer
Copy Conform to: Manlio DEL DEGAN
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Don Docker

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PostSubject: Re: APC Demands Control of C.R.I.C Funds   Tue Feb 28, 2012 10:24 am

Stanley: I realize you are getting your feet on the ground as Treasurer, but you had better verify your information before you try to act on it.

I was on the Board that authorized the CRIC committee, if you check the minutes, you will find that is was Yash (who had been invited to attend the Board meeting for those purposes) who insisted it be an autonomous committee with no reporting relationship to APC. I personally didn't like the idea but it passed just to get the roads done.Yash demanded that APC contribute 6% of the Gross revenues to CRIC, which APC has never done, to support CRIC. The money in the account comes from donations to CRIC and are not APC funds. So if you follow the logic when APC contributes the 6% of Gross revenues owed for the last two years, then you would have a case to ask for access. Right now you have no case at all, and the CRIC people are simply being polite.

I would advise one step at a time until you know your grounds.

Best wishes


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APC Demands Control of C.R.I.C Funds
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