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Costambar is a beach community located in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.
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 Good News for Late Payers

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Good News for Late Payers Empty
PostSubject: Good News for Late Payers   Good News for Late Payers Icon_minitimeTue Mar 06, 2012 6:54 pm

Official APC Notice - The Treasurer - Late and Non payers the 6th of March 2012

The is a message to Costambar residents and property owners who are late or who have not paid there APC maintenance fees:

For bills settled during the month of March, the new APC board will allow bills to paid without the usual interest rates being added. This applies only to bills paid in March.
In April the interests will be added as usual.

For the persons for whom court proceedings have already commenced, I would ask them to contact me personally to discuss each case individually. I am no fan of court cases and would rather make an effort to arrive at a friendly arrangement, rather than waist time on legal action in which only the lawyers really profit.

You are invited to contact by email at: with your details or by leaving your name and telephone number with Bethania at the APC office and I will contact you to arrange an individual meeting.

The list of persons that this concerns is below:

Alfio Musumeci
Afa Import y Export - Alexandro
Anny Ramirez
Andres & Annette Maestre
Agustin Dominguez (Don Sun/Don Montuno)
Ben Finley
Carmen reyes
Edificio San Martin
Frank y Annetta Braum
Jerry Lamourt
Mariposa Hotel Maurilio Tinelli
Mike Dililo Residencial las Rocas
Mike Clemens
Maick Schneider (Holland Park)
Rafael Papaterra
Rj's Willy AJ
Shawn Payne
Stephen Massad
Sea Breeze Lodi & Sandra Peña
Eltecsa, S.A.
Nabil Khoury
Condominio Luperon Mark Fernandez
Resindencial Atlantico Cristina Zuccari
Residencial Atlantico Cerri Simone
Residencial Atlantico Giduvitorio Galtarossa
Residencial Atlantico Guido Oliva
Residencial Atlantico Rene Gireli
Residencial Atlantico Franco Cartini
Residencial Atlantico Cerry Pierino
Residencial Atlantico Cerry Federica
Residencial Atlantico Dario Guglimelty
Immobiliaria Atlantico IMA, S.A.
Residencial Atlantico Ricardo Catena
Inversiones Nueva Delhi, S.A.
Aparta-Hotel Don y Doña Ana Maria Flaaten Torres

Please feel free to pass this mail on to persons whom it may profit.
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Good News for Late Payers
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