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Costambar is a beach community located in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.
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 Current Developments in Costambar

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PostSubject: Current Developments in Costambar   Current Developments in Costambar Icon_minitimeThu Aug 02, 2012 1:29 pm

On Saturday there was another in the seemingly endless “Get Yash” meetings. It appears he will leave office only by means of a legal fiat using the force of law. In all his last six
Months, after the election he caused to be flawed, have been extraordinary. His passion for legal attacks has backfired, as has his savage treatment of people who do not walk in lockstep with him. Immediate focus is still on the contract with the Ayuntimiento and the Unity Group has no direct involvement.

Yash must have dozed off when he was studying contracts, except to become aware of “implied contracts”. Let me recap. The City have a “unilateral contract” with the
Residents of Puerto Plata (Including Costambar) to provide garbage collection. In short there is no need for an “offer” or acceptance” as in other contracts, so it could be argued that the document Yash entered into was actually a “delegation of authority”. Be that as it may he was committed to comply with several conditions and as we outlined before appears to think that keeping a commitment is only for ordinary mortals.

One outcome of Saturday’s meeting was that Walter Musa will, this week, rule on the state of the agreement and write a letter of his decision of what will be done about it. Yash has left the community is disgraceful shape as it effects the lots, lighting and garbage collection. Now he has also left us open to paying damages for his arrogance.

The El Sindico is a far more responsible person and will try to find a way to reduce his loses, but at the same time ensuring this community gets the services necessary to maintain civilized level of service at a reasonable cost. It is tragic that our community could not have handled this entire matter without recourse to either the government or the courts.
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Current Developments in Costambar
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