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Costambar is a beach community located in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.
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 Vegetable gardens - CONUCOS

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Anette K.N.

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PostSubject: Vegetable gardens - CONUCOS   Tue May 14, 2013 11:41 pm

I hope this message will reach some APC members.
I was asking myself, how it is possible, that we have soooo many vegetable gardens (Conucos) inside Costambar ???
In the past we worked hart to get rid of those gardens, however you will find them almost at any street now.

I was having a discussion with a Dominican guy yesterday. His name is Ignacio and he is apparently taking care of a lot, which belongs to a Spanish man named Luis. This guy - Ignacio - has transformed a lot right behind Cosimos House (Amalias son) into a mixture of sugar cane, Yuca and other kind of vegetables.From this land they have a perfect view into my yard and house too ( not very comforting ).
Ignacio was telling me, that he got permission from Bethania at the APC office, as long as the vegetables are not growing very high????
I said “NO WAY”, because I was completely sure, that Bethania would never allow such thing and I still hope, that this man was telling a lie…
Nevertheless I was told by a neighbor, who joined the meeting yesterday a Atlantico, that APC is purposely asking the people in Costambar to transform their empty lots into vegetable gardens???? I do hope this is a misunderstanding…
According to my neighbor, Lisa Mellati was the one very much in favor of those “gardens” all over Costambar. I still hope it is a misunderstanding….

Do you understand the problems having vegetable gardens all over Costambar?
Some people apparently don’t understand and they claim, that some vegetables cannot do any harm..

Well, I will try to open your mind:

I have nothing against vegetables and they might look as nice as any other plant or tree, however it does include a huge amount of problems.

First of all it is normally not the owner of the land, who is planting the vegetables.
The owner hires a different amount of Haitians (or Dominicans) to take care of the vegetables.
In this way, we have a huge amount of people living OUTSIDE Costambar, who will arrive INTO Costambar early in the morning with machetes and other tools.
We have a huge amount of uncontrolled people walking around with tools and machetes… Not very good for the general security of the area.
Furthermore, these people are normally very curious and they check other people yards and houses and it makes people living here feeling unsafe.

I am not a member of APC any longer due to a lot of problems in the past, but I know, that Cosimo (Amalias son) always has been paying and he has also donated money to the security. How come, that he has to accept a vegetable garden right next to his home including the complete lack of security???

And what about the garbage from those vegetable gardens??
I assure you, that the amount of cuttings is HUGE.. Who is going to remove that???
NOT APC, because APC is not picking up the trash any longer.
They will properly burn the cuttings… How nice!!!! I assure you, that the smell is disgusting, when they burn the garbage right next to your house.

These vegetable gardens also attracts rats and other creatures. Rats just love Yuca…

The funniest thing is, that Costambar actually has some Rules and Regulations - several editions and it is prohibited to grow vegetables and the lots must be kept cut and clean..

So come on guys! Please don’t do more harm to Costambar with this funny idea of allowing people grow vegetables on the land.
If we should be so lucky and some investor would step by - he will for sure run away very fast if Costambar is transformed into a farmland.
And what is next?? Cows, horses and chickens?
So please - have a little respect for your fellow neighbors and for the established rules.
Thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: Vegetable gardens - CONUCOS   Thu May 23, 2013 12:48 pm

Thank you Anette for bringing this to the community's attention.
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Anette K.N.

Posts : 147
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PostSubject: Re: Vegetable gardens - CONUCOS   Thu May 23, 2013 11:08 pm

Bob, I actually think that the forum is the best place to share all kind of Costambar information, however only very few people are reading this I believe - or they don’t have anything to say…

A small update to my previous post:
Carlo ( the Painter, who is a friend of Cosimo) came to my house the other day and told me, that APC had said, that we had to make a letter in Spanish with the neighbors signatures, if we wanted APC to do something against the vegetables..
Carlo felt bad, because he does not speak Spanish very well and he wondered why we need a letter if there are Rules&Regulations , saying that it is not allowed to make those gardens.
I told him not to worry and I made a quick letter in Spanish. Carlo went around and collected 8 or 10 signatures from the closest neighbors and he left the letter with Bethania at the office.
Two days later 2 guys came back and worked at the lot - on Sunday off course ..

I do not expect APC to do anything specifically for me. I juts cannot understand how they can behave like this towards people, who are paying and even supporting the security system like Cosimo is doing… He has these vegetables right in his back yard.
And why asking for a letter if they are not willing to do anything anyway?? Rolling Eyes
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PostSubject: Re: Vegetable gardens - CONUCOS   

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Vegetable gardens - CONUCOS
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