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Costambar is a beach community located in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.
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from 2006 to 2008 Costambar had its best years as far as a community working together to go forward in building a better and safer place for everyone.APC had never collected as high % maintenance fees which was in high70s, it had the lowest crime rate ever. Streets and beach were never so clean. Old enemies were coming together slowly but was happening .Even Vallarino was getting in to the sprite of cooperation. Asphalting some roads  cleaning and refurbishing the golf course and the club house. Sharing the expense of illumination of calli Los Mangos. Building a short wall at the beach to help with over parking cars of beach visitors  There were groups who were helping raise money to complete different projects.
APC had the best hard working, intelligent unselfish group of people working for Costambar, inside and out. building walls, repairing gates,  building new gates, working with Planta to build walls that had in reality nothing to do with them. For the first time there were 14 people came forward to run for an office or just volunteer to work for the community during that years election. Then what happened? Some old timers' egos were hurt and they wanted to have part of the glory and the spot light and in order to get that they destroyed Costambar, first by voting the best board out and voted for some waste of time people whom got kicked out by the modern Napoleon Bonaparte called Yash.. So If Dr. Balliard writs that Costmabar is in its lowest point, sir you have no one to blame but all the old timers who could not see some young newcomers who worked for better of the community and asked for nothing but support and got none. Sad days for the beloved village called Costambar.
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poor costambar
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