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Costambar is a beach community located in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.
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PostSubject: RESUMES OF 2014-2016 APC BOARD HOPEFULS   RESUMES OF 2014-2016 APC BOARD HOPEFULS Icon_minitimeSun Jan 19, 2014 8:22 pm

For President: Stanley Bobyk is originally from England and recently functioned as APC Treasurer for the 2012-2014 Board of Directors. Computer programmer, analyst and Environmental Designer by profession, who worked in design and manufacturing for Tube Industries and owner/director of Bobyk Informatique in France. Owned and directed Easytec Computer in Nice, France and Monaco. Personally interested in alternative energies plus environmental needs. Regularly took part in charitable activities with Prince Albert of Monaco.
Resides on Calle Eduardo Brito. (809) 970-3287. E-mail address:
For Vice-President: Donald A. Docker, MBA Canadian citizen, legal resident in the Dominican Republic. Retired Pres. of Docker, Allen, Tataryn & Assoc. Inc. a general practice consulting firm with Claudia Docker as Secretary Treasurer. Practice areas: Crises Management, Contingency Planning, Disaster Recovery and Emergency Planning. Resident of Costambar since 1994. Speaks English and functional Spanish. With Claudia took control, throughdue process, of the maintenance function from Costa de Ambar, SA on behalf of APC members. Started up the maintenance company and managed it as Pres. of APC for 6 years, then served with other Boards for 4 years. Present view of our future: We need to work together to rethink our operational responsibilities. The APC business model appears to be dysfunctional.
He resides on Calle Capotillo. Phone: (809) 970-7025. His e-mail address is: ____________________________________________________________
For Treasurer: Stephanie Kluke is an experienced design consultant with 17 experience in Canada and the DR. Has been working on a DR Relocation Service (2012 to date) marketing the DR to foreign pensioners. Owned and managed a spa (2007-2209) in Canada; Marketing Vice-President in a real estate enterprise. Interior designer for 10 years. Owner and operator of Villa Reyna (a first-class rental villa in Costambar). Founded Amigos de 4 Patas animal association and now manages Animales en Peligro of Puerto Plata, non profit organizations dedicated to the welfare of the animal population and conducting neutering clinics that have significantly reduced the number of stray animals in the area of PP.
Resides on Calle Reyna, Costambar. (809) 899-7800 Her e-mail address is: Stephanie.kluke@yahoo.
For Secretary: Rafael Belliard - A dual nationality (native Dominican and naturalized American) citizen. Practiced Internal Medicine in the US for a total of 40 years (20 of which in private practice and 20 more working for the Veterans Administration). Served in the US Navy with the United States Marine Corps as a medical officer (1963-65). Chief of Internal Medicine Training Program at the Dayton, Ohio VA Medical Center and Clinical Instructor in Medicine at Ohio State University (1968-1971). Has been a Costambar owner since 1979 and spends 4-5 months every year in Costambar, since retirement in 2001. Fluent in Spanish and English; also speaks some German. Vocal in the 2010-2012 APC Board, in charge of Communications and member of the Costambar Road Improvement Committee (CRIC). Feels Costambar can be revitalized if all residents join together to bring that about.
Resides on Calle Colon. (809) 970-3297 E-mail address:
For Vocal (Security): Jack Cameron is a dual American and naturalized Dominican citizen, who attended the University of Minnesota. Jack has been in multiple businesses and now manages commercial and residential rental units in Costambar, (Seahorse Condos) and in the US. He has served as 1st Vice President, and 2nd Vice President -Security on the 2010-2012 APC Board, as well as head of the Security Committee 2010-2012.
Resides on Calle Guayacanes. e-mail address: (809) 844-0684
For Vocal (Security):Sandro Falla was born and raised in Peru and moved to New York City when he was a young man. Owned and operated a jewelry, gold and precious metals business and also developed a real estate business of rental properties in New York City. Since moving to Costambar full time many years ago, he served on the 2008-2010 & 2010-2012 APC Boards as head of security, as well as 1st Vice President of the 2010-2012 APC Board. During his tenure, a national Dominican publication noted that Costambar is the safest area of the north coast. Sandro served as Co-chairman (with Jack Cameron) of the Security Committee 2010-2012. Sandro is bilingual in Spanish and English and lives in Costambar 365 days a year.
Resides on Calle Duarte. Phone: (829) 230-9275. His e-mail address is: ____________________________________________________________
For Vocal: Claudia Docker Canadian citizen, and legal resident of the Dominican Republic since 1994. Worked with Don Docker in Docker, Allen Tataryn & Associates and volunteered for the Canadian Hearing Society for 25 years. Presently President of utorial center for poor children. Speaks English, Spanish, Italian and French. Worked with Don Docker to start up APC when they were able to get CORAAPLATA to supply water to Costambar instead of the San Marcos River. Has always helped with different issues affecting the community, like CORAAPLATA, Edenorte, and Enron Co-generational plant for the betterment of Costambar. Agreed to join Board since she does not want to see our community fall apart.
Resides on Calle Eduardo Brito. Phone: (809) 970-7339. Her e-mail address is:
For Vocal: Pierrette Venne (born 8 August 1945 in Beauharnois, Quebec) was a member of the Canadian House of Commons from 1988 to 2003. By career, she is a lawyer. With husband Jean Marc Perron (an active industrialist), they are Costambar residents for most of the year. Venne was elected in the Saint-Hubert electoral district under the Progressive Conservative party in the 1988 general election. Her terms of office would cover the 34th, 35th, 36th and 37th Canadian Parliaments. On 7 February 2003 she was ejected from the Bloc Quebecois after she made critical comments about party leader Gilles Duceppe but remained in Parliament until the end of her term in office. Fluent in English and French.
Resides on Calle Duarte. Phone: (829) 788-3020. Her e-mail address is:
For Vocal: Lois Grau is a long standing part time resident of Costambar. Dr. Grau recently retired as Chair of the Health Policy Department of Rutgers University School of Public Health in NJ, USA, but continues as adjunct faculty member of the school. Her background includes research and scientific publications, presentations in the areas of geriatric mental health, long term care health policy and developmental disabilities. Has had significant experience as Associate Dean, Department Chair and Prinicipal Investigator of multiple research and service grants. Since 2003, has brought graduate students to the Dominican Republic to provide primary care and public health programs to poor Dominican barrios and Haitian bateyes. She and Claudia Docker started "Blanco's Kids", a local project to support destitute children through the provision of food, shelter and education. Now retired, she plans to spend most of the year in Costambar.
Resides on Paseo Laguna. Phone: (809) Her e-mail address is:
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