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Costambar is a beach community located in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.
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Anette K.N.

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Something is moving in Costambar

It is exiting to observe how beautiful the Golf Course in Costambar is looking.
The grass is well trimmed and maintained and even the surroundings are clean and partly beautified with flowers. Everything is looking really professional and it is hard to believe that this is the same Golf Course as always. It has become another world.

Los Mangos Street is being fixed. I was told it is going to be completely asphalted next week! Also the surroundings of the street are nicely cut and clean. Even the back part of the wall towards Cafemba is being cleaned in order to avoid the people to clime the wall too easily.
It is really a pleasure!

A fence has been build from the main gate along the main street up to Los mangos Street, apparently to avoid the people having direct access crossing the golf course and to provide more privacy.

Around the Golf Club House you can see other things going on; land is being cleaned and prepared to be used for other nice purposes.
Two security surveillance cameras have been installed at the main gate and two additional cameras are on their way.
They are going to install sensor light that work with batteries along the wall for more security when the power is off.

I think it is time to give Mr. Vallarino some credit for the work he is doings.

For years I have only heard people criticize and bad mouth Mr. Vallarino.
When I give it an extra thought I come to the realization that the criticism always came from the same people.
Always the same few people standing up at the meetings with negative commentaries and even laughter, when the talk was about Mr. Vallarino .
As far as I remember the bad times in Costambar was under the Camps family, before Vallarino and his company bought the land.

Mr. Vallarino built the main gate and he also built the biggest part of the wall. He once fixed Los Mangos Street, but the company he hired did not give him the materials he had paid for and what did some people in this community do? They criticized and laughed!

Two years ago Mr. Vallarino was willing to pay 20,000.00 US$ = the half of the cost for the paving of the University Street. The community had to raise the other 20,000.00 US$. We had already raised almost 10,000.00 US$, when somebody at a meeting said: ” we don’t want to sell Costambar for 20,000.00 US$” and another person said he had close contacts to the government and they would start the pavement of the University Street at once, so we could pick up our donations again.
The result: No paved University Street.

I was invited to a small meeting at Los Mangos Club House last week.
The meeting was arranged by Mr. Vallarino's sister to introduce herself. She is going to spend much more time here in Costambar and they are going to work with their maintenance company again from January 1st. 2010.

I know we will all receive more detailed information about the maintenance company, but I already know that the maintenance fees will not be higher than what we are use to now.

This is a good chance to make something nice out of Costambar and I am definitely willing to change from APC to Costa de Ambar. We need a professional company to do the maintenance.

APC has too many problems, no money and a big part of the community against them. We need a solution and I believe Costa de Ambar is a good solution.

APC can still exist as an Association with a volunteer board of directors. They can act as spokesmen for the community defending the interests of the rest of the property owners and work together with Costa de Ambar for a better community.
That does not cost money and APC will need no office and no employees – just a volunteer board of Directors.

We can all find a million things to criticize and a lot of things must be done in Costambar, but Rome was not build in one single day either.
But a big step has been taken and it is our last chance to save Costambar.

(And I am not working for Costa de Ambar – I am just excited!)

Anette Krogh Nielsen.
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