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Costambar is a beach community located in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.
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 A farewell message

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PostSubject: A farewell message   Mon Dec 14, 2009 11:15 pm

I've copied an email from a Costambar resident, Ken Flach, for your comments. I do not know Ken, and his email indicates that I will be unlikely to meet him in the future. Nevertheless I thought that his comments were worthy of being posted here.
My wife and I are rather new here in Costambar.Just a little over 2 yrs when we discovered Costambar.We fell in love with the area and beach.This was paradise.So we purchased a house.I asked the previous owner what fees he had to pay he said APC collect but I don't pay.I then said who cuts the grass on the lots next door to you.He said APC.I began to wonder what kind of a person he was..
Well here we are leaving for good with APC dues not paid for I will try to explain.I paid my dues with exception of the last 10 mths In the past I also donated $500 US towards a road yet to be seen
Then the new board took over ,grass no longer cut.I just finished paying 1500 RD to have it cut. Now the reason I have not paid my APC dues are In March of 2009 I went into APC with money for the full year.But my payment was rejected. Reason because I was only willing to pay my 1200RD monthly fee rather than the 1950RD increase from the new budget.Mind you I did not have a problem with the 60% increase.My only question wasI will pay the increase when I have an answer from the person who was instrumental in making up the budget.WHY his property had decreased by 15% in fees.Is this fair I found this unbelievable.No doubt there are a lot of people who think the same but have just not bothered to pay dues or pursue it. Maybe that is why the meeting on Dec 7th had very low attendenc.
Well of this date of Dec 11th when i leave Costambar for good,still no explanation or answer from the board.
I do have a letter that I wrote with my payment which was refused and the stamp of APC on the letter.They also have a copy.
I guess when I first got my doubts about the board was a little over ayear ago.I was helping with a group picking up garbage of f the streets and beach.When one of the board members drove up and asked what was going on,when told and asked if he would like to help all you could see was a cloud of dust.I took it lightly and just laughed it off.
But my second experience with the board was something still to this day I cannot understand. Shortly after the board got in Aida went to them as an honest,dedicated and caring person and asked if there was anything she could help with.They totally rejected her and yet took on other people later.Where is their thinking ,what a mistake.They could have come up with several projects,such as Aida we want your help to form a committee and go out and collect from the people who have not paid their dues.This is just one of many things that could be done. I really do think that the people that criticized Aida on her dedication and determination should think twice.Not one of us could take the criticism that she has had to listen to.Give her credit to stand up and be counted.She is honest with strong morals and principles an HONEST person who really cares about the community.It makes me sad inside to see a person take so many blows,then get up and try again and again.Where is the compassion or is it that people enjoy this and would rather have some dishonest people railroad them..
Costambar has certainly lost because Aida has now put her house for sale and plans to move on. Costambar we wish you the best Ken and Teri.
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PostSubject: Re: A farewell message   Tue Dec 15, 2009 1:04 am

From when I was a child I have watched ants busy about their little lives. As I have grown up I have learnt to appreciate that these tiny creatures have powers way beyond their individual capabilities. Their secret is that they work TOGETHER as a single unit.

The problem with Costambar, & indeed the DR, is that we tend to attract individuals, free-thinkers & even some rogues. Billy Connolly summed the attitude of the expats in this town quite succinctly when he said, & I may not be quoting exactly here, " I will never join a club that wants me as a member".

If the residents of Costambar pooled their considerable energies & resources we could be awesome, but I'm afraid that will never happen.

Look on the bright side though ........ the town will remain a cheap place.

to live

oops almost forgot the last bit lol!
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A farewell message
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