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 Dog Trainer

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PostSubject: up date   Dog Trainer Icon_minitimeFri Jun 10, 2011 6:40 pm

Hi just a quick up date on the dog training

In the last week I have had a caddy from the golf course (thank you so much) also the dog trainers son throw sausage and chicken over my garden fence, I have 3 dogs and a puppy, 2 of the dogs will not even look at the meat let alone eat it,one dog Jake who most will know from the Anchor is taking a little longer to train ( but he is from the street and knows hunger ) but even he is getting there !!!! he will not eat in the house unless i tell him, I am now quite confident that at least 2 of my dogs will never be poisend again, Jake will get there i am sure, and the pup will be trained from a very early age.
Any dog owners reading this i can Recomend Thomas 100% he will not give in to the dogs ( Jake has bit him and he still wont give in)
He is going back to Canada in the near future so any dog owners who feel they need his skills get in quick.
I thought my dogs were good !!!!!!!!! well now they are lol.......... they will not even take dog treats from visitors if I tell them not too ( jake included )

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PostSubject: Dog Trainer   Dog Trainer Icon_minitimeSat Apr 09, 2011 8:43 pm

After recent events with a stray dog adopting us at the Anchor, very sweet dog was with us for about 6 months he made it his home, we were all very upset when he was poisoned,every thing that could be done to save him was done but he lost his fight for life.
This is my third experience of a dog being poisoned one dog had to be put down 3 years later due to brain damage ( so the poisoner won in the end )
The other one was saved but only because we were home when it was thrown over our garden wall.

I decided it was time to do something not sure what!!! then I saw a ad in the Costambar monthly for a dog trainer.
I rang him a man called Thomas, its one week today since he walked into my home to look at the dogs and tell me what was needed.
My home is now a totally different place, is he training the dogs mmmmmmmmmm yes !!!! is he training me and hubby Ken for sure.
In one week my dogs will not walk out of a door before me, will not touch food till we tell them they can, will not bark at people on the golf course if we ask them not too, will not jump and greet visitors to my house untill they have permission to do so, will not try to get on my lap,furniture or anything else without permission ( wow i love my house now lol )
Anybody who needs a dog trainer either find him in the Costambar monthly or contact me,he is fantastic

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Dog Trainer
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