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Costambar is a beach community located in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.
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 A new vision for Costambar from Filippo

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PostSubject: Well said   A new vision for Costambar from Filippo Icon_minitimeWed Jan 27, 2010 12:41 am

This is the most intelligent and well-thought-out post on the subject.
Bob Curtis
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filippo bosco

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PostSubject: A new vision for Costambar from Filippo   A new vision for Costambar from Filippo Icon_minitimeTue Jan 26, 2010 7:16 pm

Having been chosen along with Dr.Inoa and Mr. DiLorenzo as part of the election board, my first goal was to understand what Costambar needs are in 2010.
After having collected opinions, ideas, and suggestions, I talked to a variety of persons, various APC members, and non APC members. I came to the following conclusions.
Let me say first that these are my personal ideas and are expressed with the utmost modesty as of today Sunday 24th. I am and I will remain committed to APC policies.

The socio/economic base of Costambar has changed from when I arrived 20 years ago, and for better or for worse, we have to live with this fact, otherwise we are delusional! This is not an Anglo community anymore. It is not even a Dominican community, but a diverse international group of individuals. Costambar has become global.

Thus the social contract that we hold among ourselves applies only to us. It is largely not shared by the other residents.
We are now a minority.
Therefore, let's forget having control of the beach, the roads, the lights, the maintenance of non- paying lots, and the garbage collection, with the hope that with our good intentions one day, the "others' will join in. It is not going to happen!
If we want to address these projects, we can do it as volunteer work. It is not an APC job.
Maybe Vallarino one day might step in, and maybe do these things better then APC, but I will not hold my breath hoping that will happen.
We do not have the financial means to do it, or the desire to pay for all those who do not pay.
It is not for APC to change other people's minds. Face it ,"they" the others,do not want to pay or even worse, they see APC as the problem of Costambar!
This situation is only frustrating us, ruining our days, and dividing us payers and non payers. APC members cannot go door to door begging for unity, trying to change other people's minds.
APC ,like in Baiardo( the richest barrio in Puerto Plata) , should fundamentally provide security to his members. That alone will be challenging for APC.
A good security force controlled by APC members is the only realistic hope that Costambar will retain a modicum of order and distinction. We have the tremendous advantage over Baiardo since we are born by law as a closed community. Thus it will be legal for us to enforce our security rules.
Garbage collection is where a lot of our money goes.
Keep APC out of it! Sponsor a private company, fees for service: they'll know how to deal with the free loaders. Our guards can call on the City Health Department. That's all we can do. We can't teach people civil manners! Maybe the new board will have better solutions.
Let's put our money into security, the front gate, and affordable control over the whole complex. Preferential status for quick and attentive intervention should be given to paying members only. Many people will spontaneously join to obtain this service. Let's not promise our members anything more then what their money can pay for.
We are the payers. We share common interests. We are a tight community also because of these adversities.
Regarding election rules: I will support the principle of one paid property, one vote. Let the elected officials decide among themselves the various offices once elected. Let's stagger elections whereas only two members will be changed yearly. Snowbirds should volunteer as members of the board even if for only 5 months. With Internet and Skype we are all only seconds away.
Filippo Bosco D.M.D

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A new vision for Costambar from Filippo
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